Re-Visioning Westfield

A 3D Community Modeling Project

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Copyright 2009 by Julian F. Fleron and the Re-Visioning Westfield Modelers

Vision Statement

         Our vision is to use the power of the freely available computer aided design tool Google SketchUp to create interactive, fully 3-dimensional scale models of dozens of important buildings in the central region of downtown Westfield, Massachusetts. One set of models will be high resolution, architecturally correct models which will be available individually online for download via Google SketchUp. Less detailed, photo-textured models will be made available to all through Google 3D Warehouse. The latter models will be available for all via the freely available Google Earth software. This will allow anybody in the world with Internet access to take virtual tours through Downtown Westfield as it is presently configured as well as in ways that it may be re-visioned in the future.